“Running Man’s” Song Ji Hyo and Gary Spotted Holding Hands at Changsha Airport

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
“Running Man’s” Song Ji Hyo and Gary Spotted Holding Hands at Changsha Airport
Running Man Cast at Malaysia for Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2014. November 1, 2014. 10:47. Race Start! Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2014 Season 2. Wikimedia Commons/ Vernon Chan/Uploaded by Sonflower0210

In every culture, fictional couples, whether they are characters in a television show, or whether they are co-hosts or on screen partners, are often celebrated by fans of the pairing, or couple. However, in Asian Entertainment, in particular, when it comes to an on-screen fictional romance between two people, such as one of “Running Man’s” most popular on-screen couples, Gary and Song Ji Hyo, many of their fans wish that the two are together in real life. However, sometimes, these rumors are bolstered by the many acts of “fanservice” that an artist or a celebrity couple gives during tours or guest appearances, such as the recently reported sighting of the pair in China. Read on to learn more about this story.

Yesterday, according to All K-Pop and Soompi, Gary and Song, who are co-hosts and have an ongoing fictional relationship in a storyline that occurs every Monday on SBS’ “Running Man,” were spotted in an airport in Changsha, China, as the pair were on their way to record a segment for  an episode for the popular Chinese variety show, “Day Day Up.”

At the airport, fans of the couple, according to the report, were delighted to see that the famous pair looked like a couple. The two were seen linking arms and holding hands with each other as they made their way through an airport full of fans. However, it was indicated in the report that the reason for this was so that the two wouldn’t get separated from each other.

Fans of Asian celebrities usually delight in little things such as this, which is termed “skinship”, and in the little ways that the pair acts, which is called “fanservice”, for the benefit of their fans. One such example of this happened last Friday, Aug. 21, 2015, as Song, according to Soompi, gave Gary a kiss on the cheek during a “Running Man” fan meeting in Shanghai.

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Photo Source:Wikimedia Commons/ Vernon Chan/Uploaded by Sonflower0210 


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