Runny Eggs And Cold Muffins Bring Out ‘The Snobbish Princess’ In Anne Hathaway!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Runny Eggs And Cold Muffins Bring Out ‘The Snobbish Princess’ In Anne Hathaway!

One often wonders if the stars take it too far when it comes to asking for what they want. Anne Hathaway sent back her breakfast four times because the eggs were too runny. Read on for this amusing piece of news.

Anne Hathaway was filming a Japanese commercial in the paramount studios last week. Apparently, the onset chef just couldn’t get her breakfast done right. Hathaway had placed an order of a poached egg, an english muffin, and an avocado, but she was displeased when the order arrived. Apparently, the eggs were too runny the first time. She sent it back to the chef for a do-over.

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The next time when the breakfast arrived, the English muffin had gotten cold. Apparently, the chef had not noticed that the muffin was getting cold while he was poaching the egg. The order was sent back again.

The third time, it was egg that had gotten cold. The egg had apparently gotten cold while the muffin was being toasted. The order was sent back again. The chef, it would seem, was having a really bad day.

The lady, eventually settled for a completely different order. She asked the chef to make fried eggs instead and finally the lady found the order to be of her liking and the shooting could progress as planned.

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It would seem strange that an actress who played a harried secretary to a bossy Miranda Priestly in the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada,” who made her do a similar exercise for coffee in the film, would do something of this sort to one of her hands in real life. Apparently, the role did not change much in Anne Hathaway.

We suppose that it is a movie, stars prerogative to act like the privileged. They have the money that can impress people so much that they don’t mind being ordered around. But does it have to be this way? Are runny eggs and semi cold muffins that important in the general scheme of things? Share your views in the comments below.

NY Daily News and NZ Herald reported the news.

Photo Source: Facebook / Anne Hathaway

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