Russell Brand and Kevin Kennedy team up to fight alcohol addiction

By admin | 4 years ago

British comedian, Russell Brand has recently teamed up with Kevin Kennedy to open up a dry pub to help people fight their alcohol addiction. The 38-year-old Brand met Kennedy at a conference and discussed about the latter`s plan to open a pub in Brighton, South of Britain.

Comedian has launched his Comic Relief-supported `Give It Up` fund for addict support schemes, reported Daily Mirror.”Because of support groups, addicts like me stand a chance. They’re a way for people to get clean and stay clean and they provide a sense of togetherness and purpose,” Brand said. Kevin Kennedy is looking to raise a £100,000 to finance the new community hub.

“Russell and I are speaking from the same hymn sheet. We both believe that abstinence is the only way to treat addiction,” he said.

“I`ve told him about my dry pub idea and he said it was great to have me here. I need a start-up fund and I`m speaking to Russell to see if he can help us out,” he added.

Source: ZeeNews

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