Russell Brand Narrates His Saga Of Tragic Marriage With Katy Perry In A Documentary

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Russell Brand Narrates His Saga Of Tragic Marriage With Katy Perry In A Documentary
Russell Brand

Russell Brand is in all mood to talk about his unsuccessful marriage with Katy Perry via documentary, and this time he is a doing it elaborately. The comedian would soon unveil his documentary, “BRAND: The Second Coming.” In his documentary, Brand jeers at his matrimonial alliance with the pop star.

Brand, 40 and Perry, 31 tied the nuptial knots in 2012 but after 14 months of spending life together, they gave up on their marriage and got divorced. In the trailer, Brand says that he hated the kind of life he was living when he was married. He also uses the words, “vapid, vacuous celebrity” eloquently.

According to E! News, Brand had started developing a feeling of dissatisfaction in his marriage when he flocked to Africa for Comic Relief in 2010. He realized that his values had shifted drastically.

Dailymail disclosed in a report that in the film, Brand has expressed to a friend, Stephen Merchant that he was finding it alright that he was in love with a woman, but the relationship was not doing good to his spiritual side. Brand also said that in order to live a peaceful and delightful life he “has (had) to walk away.”


Though in past years, Brand had stayed firm on the idea that it was incompatibility that had made him call quits to marriage while Perry only expressed heart break. Her film, “Part of Me” that was released in 2012 was all about her heartbreak.

In an interview to Vogue in 2013, Perry said that she always found Brand had a smart and magical persona. She also added that she had deep love for the comedian when they got married. She also revealed that Russel Brand had not made any communication with her after he texted her about divorce in Dec. 31, 2011.

Daily Mail report alleges that the “Big Brother’s Big Mouth” host would be seen making fun of Katy Perry’s accent in the documentary too.

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