Russell Simmons Applauds Ex-Wife Kimora’s SEX ED Skills!

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Russell Simmons Applauds Ex-Wife Kimora’s SEX ED Skills!
Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons would gladly certify Kimora, his ex-wife a Ph.D. in the subject of Sex education.

Simmons thought this after he watched his former wife’s video, where she explains to her two daughters about the risks associated with “popping the coochie“.

Kimora Lee Simmons recently gave lessons on sex education to her two teenage daughters, Aoki Lee Simmons and Ming Lee Simmons. According to a report by MStar News, the fashion designer gave a sermon on sex education to her daughters in an absolute funny and hilarious manner.

Mama Simmons was caught on camera as she appeared to have just started her day in a robe with her hair still messy. The mother of four explained how the “coochie” should not be popped up like a rubber band but should be wrapped up. She held a pack of food wrap as she explained this.

The video was in all likelihood of the finest viral videos, featuring a celebrity. It looked like Kimora does not want that her teenage daughters to grow up yet, but she feels that it is vital to educate them on sex.

Russell Simmons had a flight for Los Angeles just some hours after his ex-wife’s video was posted by one of his teenage daughters. This was the one that had gone viral, wherein Kimora Lee Simmons is giving “the talk”.

Previously, it was reported by MStars that the girls of Russell and Kimora grew up pretty fast and both of them are blossoming into real beauties. They seem to have taken after their famous ex-model mom, who was a runaway rage on the runway during the her early modeling years.

Ming Lee is going to be a stunner for sure. She has developed her own style and is blessed with killer features. It seems like she has got them in her genes from her mother dear.

Yes, Kimora’s video may be a bit direct and also a little crude.

However, Russell Simmons admitted that he simply adored his former wife’s techniques and was full of praises for oh how “the talk” with his daughters turned out.


Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Russell Simmons

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