Rust and Bone Movie Review

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Rust and Bone Movie ReviewRust and Bone is about a divorced father Ali (Matthias Shoenarts) who make ends meet by bringing home expired food from the supermarket and fighting in underground matches. Stephanie (Marion Cotillard) is a whale trainer at a water park.

For Ali, Stephanie is just another pretty girl he meets at a club. He knows that she’s too good for him until a freak accident at the water park that results to her losing both her legs. She goes to him at her lowest point during recovery when she’s about to give up.

Rust and Bone is about people overcoming injuries. It explores strength as Stephanie tries to move on from her personal tragedy. The visual effects are good. They managed to make the audiences believe that Cotillard has no legs. The movie has graphic love scenes that show stumps instead of legs. While we all know that Cotillard wore green socks so that they can remove the legs in the computer but it is still awesome how they do that with the background being Schoenarts’ back going up and down on top of her. The sex scene is important to show that she’s moving on with personal relationships as both of them adapt with her injury.

The relationship between Ali and Stephanie is natural and doesn’t feel forced at all. Ali is emotionally unavailable but that means he doesn’t pity Stephanie’s condition. His relationship with his son is typical of that of well-meaning but incompetent fathers.

Stephanie becomes his fight promoter and this is something new. There’s no other movie that features a double amputee as an underground MMA promoter. She is a beautiful one at that, even if she’s without legs.

Rust and Bone benefited from Marion Cotillard’s beauty. She is pretty even when not wearing makeup. It might not be Oscar material, but it is the best double amputee MMA fight promoter movie of 2012.

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