Ryan Gosling Engaged To ‘Pregnant’ Eva Mendes?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Ryan Gosling Engaged To ‘Pregnant’ Eva Mendes?
Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling always thought that marriage was a foreign concept as far as he was concerned. But after the actor had his first baby from Eva Mendes, his girlfriend, everything changed for him. According to the latest grapevines, Esmeralda, his baby daughter has changed Gosling’s perspectives on several things.

There have been some rumors about the “Notebook” actor getting engaged to his longtime girlfriend. In fact, apparently, this hot celebrity couple are already making plans for having their second baby come next year, classicalite.com reports.

It is also being said that Gosling wishes to wait till Christmas before Eva Mendes could become pregnant once again with their second child. However, he is also hopeful that she has the child before the holidays start in 2016.


One of the most favorite topics of many tabloids had been that Ryan Gosling had no intention of getting married to Eva Mendes ever or for that matter to any other woman. But, things definitely seem to be changing now.

According to the latest Life & Style issue of December 21, Gosling felt that marriage was as bad as a prisons sentence. But that was before the couple got their adorable little girl.

Even Eva Mendes did not feel that the marriage contract was something very alluring but after she had Esmeralda, her motherly instincts have definitely changed her too and Gosling fell in love with his girlfriend once again.

Gosling’s baby made him reconsidering the idea of getting married. When his feelings changed, it was a big surprise for both of them. However, the actor feels that Eva has been the perfect partner and mom and he desires to make their relationship official.


According to an anonymous insider, Gosling and Mendes have plans of having their second baby with whom they can celebrate Christmas in 2016.

While Gosling would love to have a cute little boy, yet they are so crazy about their little daughter, they would not mind having a second daughter too. It seems that the couple is hoping to have their second baby before next Christmas.

Ryan Gosling is always known to be notoriously noncommittal about his private life so it is natural that he would not like to confirm the news apart from planning to spend this year’s Christmas with his little family. But he did share with Hello! That without any doubt, Eva Mendes is the only girl he would love to be in the coming years.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Ryan Gosling/Wikimedia Commons

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