Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Going Strong; Family Relocates To ‘Blade Runner 2’ Location

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Going Strong; Family Relocates To ‘Blade Runner 2’ Location
Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling took his family with him to the Czech Republic where his movie “Blade Runner 2” is being shot. He has taken in huge responsibility being a father to two daughters and a husband to Eva Mendes.

The Gosling family was spotted arriving at Budapest airport with their adopted dog George.

The low profile couple was reported to have tied the knot in a private ceremony in the confines of their home. It was reportedly attended by at least 30 close friends and family members. The couple spent some time for their honeymoon.

Ryan Gosling, despite being supported by his wife and inspired by his two daughters, felt the pressure of the heavy responsibility not just with his family but his movie.

According to the “La La Land” actor, the movie is anticipated with so many expectations from fans. The first movie was a hit and the second one is expected to surpass the first.

The movie “Blade Runner 2” is one of the most borrowed from science fiction films just like “Alien.” He considers it not just an exciting and earning feasible movie but a huge responsibility.

The actor tells the press that his family is his inspiration. Eva Mendes also treasures her family especially her two kids who became the prime reason she proposed to her partner. The shocked actor readily said yes because he has been aching for it to happen.

It can be recalled that his better half was the one against marriage. But because she does not want her children to grow up thinking that marriage is a thing to be avoided, she took the marriage plunge.

The couple still wants to live a private life. In fact, they were able to hide Mendes’ second pregnancy for a few months and only revealed it at the time she was to deliver. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes seem to live peacefully away from the public’s eye. They are still one of the most loved Hollywood couples.


Photo Source: Facebook/Ryan Gosling

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