Ryan Reynolds was Betrayed By One of His Closest Friends

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Ryan Reynolds was Betrayed By One of His Closest Friends

They say you can’t trust anyone these days, as you might never know who will betray you at what point. “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds had to learn the hard way as one of his closest friends did something so unforgivable that Ryan can only equate the incident to a dark period. Read on.

According to Vanity Fair, Reynolds in an interview with GQ shared one of the most unfortunate incidents he has encountered. Everyone was very happy when his wife Blake Lively gave birth to their daughter James back in December. Obviously, the celebrity couple were the happiest because of the new addition to their family. Naturally when you are happy you would want to share these intimate moments with your close friends and family and that’s what he did.

According to the actor he would send some pictures of his baby daughter James to very close associates and was in for a rude shock when he found out that one of his closest friends was selling his baby daughter’s photos. Reynolds recounts that he stepped in at the right moment but it was one of the darkest periods of his life. This friend of his happened to be his childhood friend and it was difficult for the actor to imagine this friend would do something like this to him. This especially came as a shock to the “Deadpool” actor because neither he nor his wife has shared any photos of their baby ever since she was born.

The actor also shared his friend’s motives by stating that probably the friend didn’t think he/she will be caught after doing something like this. He also stated that there was not much to talk about this issue except for the fact that he would never ever see or talk to this friend again.

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Mirror added that despite the betrayal Reynolds does not want to ruin his wonderful experience of fatherhood that he is going through right now and does not even mind waking up five times in the middle of the night and changing diapers. Following the incident chances of fans getting to see their baby has become even less as both the parents might not trust anyone so easily after this.

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