Ryan Reynolds Finally Reveals Name of His and Blake Lively’s Baby Girl

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Ryan Reynolds Finally Reveals Name of His and Blake Lively’s Baby Girl
WonderCon 2011 – Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively from the Green Lantern movie

After months of frustrated guessing but not a single confirmation or even a slip-up, Ryan Reynolds has finally revealed the name of his little girl. As it turned out, he had just confirmed one of the recent baby name claims!

On Friday, March 20, Ryan Reynolds was invited at the Today show to promote his latest movie, ‘Woman in Gold’. In the said interview with Willie Geist, Reynolds finally put to rest what many people have been asking him and his wife Blake Lively around: What is your daughter’s name?

Reynolds started off the big reveal by squashing down the first name suggestion, which he himself suggested months before. “[Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds] is not the child’s name. It’s Butternut Summersquash,” he said in a rather serious tone. Relax, he’s just kidding!

“It’s James,” then he added, “Everyone knows,” referring to an E! News article last February 2015, which claims that a reliable source revealed that Little Miss Reynolds’ name is in fact James. In response to why he kept the baby’s name secret for quite some time now. Reynolds said that he didn’t want to be the first person to reveal it to the media. He also added, “Because as we know, little girls turn into teenage girls and little teenage girls sometimes scan through the archives and go, ‘Why did you do that?’”

James Reynolds was born in December 2014, apparently just before the New Year. Some of the details of her birth first came out thanks to an accidental slip by a worker in the Westchester Medical Center, where Lively was reported to have given birth. The said worker ‘revealed’ in a tweet that the couple has a baby girl they named ‘Violet’. However, the said worker’s Twitter account has since been deleted.

To learn more about Ryan Reynolds’s journey through fatherhood and his latest movie ‘Woman in Gold’, watch the full interview next Wednesday, April 1, on the Today show.

What do you think of James as the name given by Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively for their daughter? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ pop culture geek

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