Ryan Reynolds leaves it up to his wife to decide when to start a family

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The plans to start the most genetically blessed family have been put on hold for a while. Actor, super star, Hannibal King, Ryan Reynolds has told the worlds that he has left the decision up to his beautiful wife Blake Lively to decide when they will start their family.

The 37 year old actor proposed to Lively last year and is seemingly eager to start a family with her. While Ryan is up for making babies on the spot, he has revealed that he has left the baby making decision with his 26 year old wife.

He said: “I would like to have children, but actually it’s not really up to me.”

Ryan, who was previously married to another Hollywood hotty, Scarlett Johansson, asserted that his relationships with his wife, friends and family are most important to him. He said that he has good relationships with the people that he loves and that is what’s most important to him.

The super star also admits to the fact that he has seen others struggle to achieve their goals and that he is very grateful that his life is easy as it is. He also tells us that the secret to his good looks is that he never changes his looks or style and prefers to keep his own unique style.

Source: Mirror

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