Ryan Reynolds Said ‘I Don’t Work Out Every Day’

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Ryan Reynolds Said ‘I Don’t Work Out Every Day’
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, one of the handsome actors in the Hollywood with the hottest body, wants to let us know that he does not work out every day, as we may think. Read on for more detail.

E! Online reported that the Canadian actor confessed about it while promoting his new thriller movie, “Self/less.”

“I think there’s a misconception that I spend 365 days a year in a gym,” and “that is patently false. My wife will tell you that. She can tell you that that isn’t the case,” the Canadian actor told while promoting his new thriller movie “Self/less,”Reynolds said

Reynolds  said that he and his wife Blake Lively would do little hiking trips together, but in fact, Reynolds feels that hiking is boring.

“I do it easily for a job, but there are tons of films that I’ve done where I just let myself go. I’m a tall and skinny guy naturally. I suppose there’s a camouflage to that,” added Ryan.

We would expect the actor to be in a striking body shape for his upcoming superhero film “Deadpool.” Hope everybody’s imagination would go for a moment about his well-built body under his superhero suit.

However, Reynolds said, “Nothing too romantic I’m afraid,” and “but that thing is hot, man. That thing is tight.”

The actor shared his experience about wearing the “Deadpool” suit. He had a tough time in wearing the suit initially. He said it would take about 45 minutes in the beginning. However, he was able to wear the suit in about ten minutes in the end.

Ryan Reynolds “Self/less” movie is directed by Tarsem Singh. In this film, Ben Kingsley plays the role of a real estate mogul (Billionaire industrialist Damian Hale) who suffers cancer. The twist in the movie is that the mogul undergoes a revolutionary procedure that features transferring his brain into the body of a healthy young man. Reynolds plays the young man role.

We know you would be excited to watch “Self/less.” The movie has released is USA on July 10.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Ryan Reynolds

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