Ryan Reynolds Still Haunted By The Ghost Of ‘Green Lantern?’

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Ryan Reynolds Still Haunted By The Ghost Of ‘Green Lantern?’
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is still haunted by his previous role as a superhero in “Green Lantern.” The actor is all set to work for “Deadpool” for the coming year, but his past work is still haunting him. “Green Lantern” carried all the ingredients of a good movie, having a deep mythology and fanciful CGI, however, for reasons unknown, the movie was only able to crawl up to its budget and was almost a failure.

As we take a look back, many are of the view that something different could have been done by Reynolds for the unappreciated space adventure, but the fact is, he was not in a position to change anything and now he feels fine with how things have come to place.

According to cinemablend.com, Reynolds stated in a recent interview that his decision would have been the same even if he were aware of the outcome of the movie when he signed for it. The project was quite big at that time and all involved put their heart out in there.

Reynolds also stated that he might have been working in the third series of “Green Lantern” in case it had been a success. Critics are of the view that things would have been lot more promising for Reynolds provided he had been working in a successful project.

According to screenrant.com, “Green Lantern” original plan was to go for a trial run on behalf of DC Cinematic Universe, something which had been done for “Iron Man” on behalf of MCU. However, things did not turned out as thought of and the plans to come up sequel were put to rest after the performance of “Green Lantern.”


Fans will have to wait till 2020, when the reboot format of the movie “Green Lantern” will come up as “Green Lantern Corps.”

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