Ryan Reynolds Talks About Life, ‘Deadpool’ And His Green Suit In ‘Green Lantern’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Ryan Reynolds Talks About Life, ‘Deadpool’ And His Green Suit In ‘Green Lantern’
Ryan Reynolds

The upcoming superhero film, “Deadpool” is already generating quite a buzz. People were expecting the superhero movies to die out the way westerns had done in the seventies, but with the arrival of “Deadpool” people have begun to talk about the genre again. The trailer has generated enough interest to get the audience walk to the theaters to watch the movie in February next year.

In an exclusive interview with GQ, the film’s lead, Ryan Reynolds talked about his family, the movie, and why he wasn’t sad that his last superhero movie, “The Green Lantern” didn’t work.

Ryan Reynolds is living the good life. He and wife Blake Lively are totally immersed in raising their adorable infant and have chosen a rustic idyllic setting for a home to raise their daughter, James. He confessed to being so completely in love with his adorable bundle of joy that he would walk into a fire for her. He also said that he likes being a father.

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Reynolds and Lively were recently grilled for not putting their little one the right way in a baby carrier. They were flooded with messages from concerned parents who were worried for the safety of their child. Reynolds said that he was a little peeved off by the reaction and was surprised to know that there had been such an intense reaction from the parent child community on the internet. But he did know that they had made a mistake; he just wanted the right to make his own mistakes and not be pulled up for getting some things wrong.

Reynolds also confessed to being a character actor who was unfortunately made to deliver as a leading man. He said that he was kind of glad that “Deadpool” isn’t a big budget movie; he is not being pushed to meet the box office bottom line for the movie. He said he liked the movie’s subversive feel.

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Reynolds said that at the risk of sounding like a guy who has done time in a monastery, he would like to confess that he never minded “The Green Lantern” not being a hit. If it had been a hit, Reynolds would have been forced to don the green suit a couple of more times for the sequels and he never looked forward to that. While a steady paycheck from the “Green Lantern” Franchise would have given him financial stability, he would rather do roles that speak to him in the moment.

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