Safe House Movie Preview: Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds

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Safe House Movie

Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is an ex-CIA operative who is now a most-wanted criminal. He lays hand on a series of surreptitious files containing information on the illegal activities of quite a few worldwide peacekeeping agencies from a vile MI6 agent, Alec Wade (Liam Cunningham). Frost is wanted by a mercenary group Vegas as well. He surrenders to the American embassy and he is then moved to a CIA safe house in Cape Town, South Africa.

When Frost is being interrogated, the safe house is ambushed into by the Vegas mercenaries who are looking to kill him. The housekeeper Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) escapes with Frost in tow. The duo must now find another safe haven and avoid falling to the gunmen who are tracking their every move.

The filming of Safe House has been done in Cape Town, South Africa. The movie is produced by Scott Stuber and written by David Guggenheim. The cinematography is by Oliver Wood while Ramin Djawadi has given music. Made with a budget of $80 million, Safe House, a 117 minute movie, has managed to earn $50,372,720 so far, in the US.

The Response
Though the movie has been applauded for brilliant performances by Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, it has invited criticism for being a script of convenience. The actions scenes have also been criticized for being choppily worked out and edited. The shaky camera has been the most criticized part of the movie. Though people have appreciated it by and large, most of them accept that the fare is predictable and the movie has found its audience purely on the basis of the charisma of Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds’ performance.

The mood of Safe House is quite raw, with raw, testosterone action rather than relying on special effect thrills. The fact that Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds have grade shades to their character instead of being truly good or truly bad, can make people either love the film or feel shortchanged, depending o how you prefer the characterization to be .

Ryan Reynolds, the Canadian film TV actor has worked in quite a few TV serials and has also done movies like the National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Definitely, Just Friends and The Proposal. He has also won People’s Choice Award Favorite Movie Superhero for Green Lantern in 2012. The 57 year old two-time Academy Award winning Denzel Washington needs no introduction, His recent work The Book of Eli produced by him, also was nominated for Saturn Award for Best Actor.

Safe House is second in terms of revenue generation lagging behind The Vow. The movie is also the second largest opener for Denzel Washington, his best being American Gangster.

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