She Said Kim Kardashian Copies Her: 5 Things about Jelena Karleusa

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
She Said Kim Kardashian Copies Her: 5 Things about Jelena Karleusa

Kim Kardashian surprised plenty of people when she drastically changed her hair color from brunette to platinum blonde, and one person by the name of Jelena Karleusa has stated her claim that the media sensation copied her look. Who is Jelena Karleusa? Here are five things you have to know about her.

  1. While virtually an unknown in America, Karleusa is big and popular in Eastern Europe, particularly in her homeland of Serbia, where she is, according to W Magazine, known as the “Lady Gaga of Serbia.” She’s a multi-awarded performer whose brand of music is described as a fusion of rap, trance and a bit of auto-tune. Her song’s lyrics are controversial. The Yugoslavian-born artist debuted in the local music industry in 1995, which means, she’s been quite popular in this part of the world for two decades, even before Lady Gaga made her mark.
  2. Karleusa’s edgy but polished style has made her a major fashion icon in Eastern Europe. She can make chains, leather and metals work with her Barbie doll look. Like Kim Kardashian, Jelena Karleusa loves wearing tight-fitting, cleavage-baring outfits that highlight her curvaceous body. As far as we can tell, she has always been blonde.
  3. She came up with her own clothing line, JK Wear, in 2006 and has been married with two daughters since 2008. Her husband is a Serbian football player. The artist also writes a Sunday column in Kurir, a Serbian daily. Karleusa is also well-loved among the LGBT community in her country.
  4. On her Instagram account, Karleusa posted a photo of herself and that of Kim Kardashian with her latest look. She captioned this: “Will the real slim shady please stand up! PS (I am on the left) #illtakeitasacompliment.”  She posted a couple more comparison shots and asked her followers of over 300,000 to guess which one is her and which one is Kardashian. Fans of Kardashian chanced upon the posts and made disparaging comments, prompting Karleusa to react and post a photo with the caption, “I have 20 years of work in the music industry, 10 albums, 2 kids and NO-I DONT NEED A STYLIST #keepcalmandstophate.”
  5. Karleusa believes that Kim Kardashian’s people are stalking her Instagram feed for style inspirations. But the American media sensation said via People that she was actually inspired by Madonna’s look, and that being platinum will not last for her. Meanwhile, despite her pronouncements, Karleusa is of the opinion that Kardashian is a beautiful woman, and will remain beautiful even if she’s without hair, as she stated in US Weekly.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Karleusa

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