‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ Is Coming Back? Hulu, Neon Alley Release All ‘Sailor Moon S’ Episodes

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ Is Coming Back? Hulu, Neon Alley Release All ‘Sailor Moon S’ Episodes
“Sailor Moon Crystal” coming back?

Following the ending of the “Sailor Moon Crystal” earlier this month, various fans or moonies are now asking, “What’s next for it?” Would the anime still come back? Read on for more details.

On the first day of release as a remake or a manga adaptation of the classic anime, tagged as “Sailor Moon Crystal,” it managed to have 1,130,861 views. But as days passed by, it went down to 454,772 views until a meager view of 66,438 was recorded on its last episode, ending with “A bientot” (see you soon) message.

No one knows what that meant, but it could not be denied that there were “Sailor Moon” fans waiting for latest updates after its departure. And, news coming from Rotoscopers was saying that a new musical is set to premiere in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

The musical was called “Bishoko Senshei Sailor Moon –Un Nouveau Voyage (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: A New Voyage),” which would reportedly take on the manga’s Infinity narrative.

As for the “A bientot” or see-you-soon message, it was speculated to be a mysterious note that could mean that the creators of the “Sailor Moon Crystal” were telling fans that more about the anime is yet to come, if it was not another way of saying goodbye to the anime.

Furthermore, the anime’s official Twitter account reportedly directed the moonies to watch out for updates on their official website, giving hope for another gorgeous girl power in the coming months. Good news then!

Meanwhile, Viz Media previously announced that they would work on an English dub for the classic anime, which included casts such as Jessica Gee (Petz), Cassandra Lee Morris (Calaveras), Cindy Robinson (Berthier), Claudia Lenz (Koan), Steve Cannon (Crimson Rubeus), Esmeraude (Rena S. Moandel), Saphir (Greg Felden), and Matthew Mercer (Prince Demande), Anime News Network reported.

Now for those wanting to watch all “Sailor Moon S” episodes, the first three seasons of the anime were said to be available at Hulu and Neon Alley, Sailor Moon News reported, with episodes 126 and 127 as the newest additions.

So for all the moonies out there, check out the latest additions at the mentioned sites. They can also go to the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project official website for any fresh news and updates. Or they could follow Movie News Guide (MNG) via Facebook or Twitter.

Photo source: Official Site/SAILOR MOON 20th Anniversary Project

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