Sally Hawkins In Maudie Trailer Depicts Hunched, Shy And Frail Woman But An Extraordinary Painter

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 1 year ago
Sally Hawkins In Maudie Trailer Depicts Hunched, Shy And Frail Woman But An Extraordinary Painter

Sally Hawkins is a name synonymous to commendable performances. We will see her acting prowess in a new biopic this year, Maudie. The movie premiered at the Telluride Film Festival last year has all the praises for the actress. She has given complete justice to bring Maud Lewis, a Canadian artist back to life on the big screen.

Sally Hawkins as Maudie

According to The Film Stage, we saw Sally Hawkins in Happy-Go-Lucky, Blue Jasmine, Godzilla, and Paddington. She was well appreciated for her performance. Now this year, we will see her playing a character of Maud Lewis. She has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since childhood but still, her hands weaved magic. The folk artist took inspiration from nature. Her small paintings depicted whatever she saw in the Nova Scotian outdoors.

Her simple yet so beautiful painting included boats, horse, trees, dogs, cats and outdoor imageries. Those paintings were nothing but what her heart spoke. Maud Lewis’ hunched body was always shrouded by her bright eyes.

Maud also worked as a housekeeper at Everett Lewis’ house. She later became his wedded wife. With the help of Sally Hawkins, we will actually know who Maud Lewis and what made her so special through this versatile actress.

See The First Look of Maudie In The Trailer

Maudie Film Poster

The Maudie trailer is out and is truly gripping. We see the struggle of those crippled hands that are determined to do something. Based on a true story, the trailer shows that she is yearning to become independent. She stays away from her protective family and carves a niche for herself.

The Maudie movie portrays Maud (Sally Hawkins). She is a talented woman who never looks at anyone in the eyes and her head always down. But her paintings speak volume of this truly humble character. Her journey from a shy, humble person to a rising folk artist is truly epic.

The movie also portrays a sweet love story of Maud and Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke). Lewis works as a housekeeper in his house. Then, they slowly fall in love sharing a bittersweet relationship

Maudie is directed by Aisling Walsh. He is a famous name in creating popular TV series like Fingersmith and An Inspector Calls. The film already premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival.

Maudie has turned out to be everybody’s favorite. Also, it is in the good books of the critics and reviewers. It will hit the theaters in Canada on April 4. US will have the chance to see it on June 16, 2017.

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Photo Source: Wikipedia/Maudie

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