Salma Hayek tries to Impress Hubby

By admin | 5 years ago

One of the world most elegant women, Salma Hayek says she is not a fashionista. The Mexican-born actress said much of what she does regarding her dress is her way of trying to impress her husband, as she wants him to always have an attraction toward her.

Hayek is 46 and married to 51-year old Francois-Henri Pinault. The French billionaire is the CEO of PPR, the big conglomerate that owns Bottega Veneta, Yves St. Laurent and Gucci.

During an interview, the actress said she often wears leather while walking the red carpet because she knows how much her husband is fond of her wearing it.

When Hayek turned 40, she said she thought she would no longer be able to wear strapless dresses. In her mind, she did not think a woman at her age could wear them, but she said she is able to get away with wearing one even at 46.

The actress recently unveiled a new line of products specializing in skincare. However, she said beauty was not high on her priority list as some people might think it is for her.

Hayek said many people said she is beautiful but she had never attempted to be beautiful.

For her if she really wanted to be the most beautiful alive, than she would east less desserts, not drink any alcohol and do more exercise. Because of that, she feels beauty was not at the top of her priority less before or now.

She likes to explain to women that first they need to love who and what they are as well as do everything possible with what they have.

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