Salma Hayek’s Powerful Speech: Advises Girls To ‘Have The Courage To Be Unique’

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Salma Hayek’s Powerful Speech: Advises Girls To ‘Have The Courage To Be Unique’
Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, the Mexican and American film actress who also has a 8-year-old daughter wowed everyone on Friday. Hayek has gone at ‘Variety’s Power of Women’ luncheon in Beverly Hills, California and has been basking in adulation since. She expressed her ideas on women’s role in world and their need to change setups. Valentina is definitely a lucky daughter to have Hayek as mother.

The 49-year-old actress Salma Hayek was honored in the event for the remarkable work she has accomplished with ‘Chime for Change charity’, engaged in spreading awareness about various issues concerning women. Based on social media, the campaign has its footprints across the globe.

At the luncheon, Hayek told reporters, “The most important thing to say to the girls is to not try to be like the other girls” and be courageous enough to flaunt their uniqueness. She spoke with conviction that “the voice of women” can make a lot of difference to the world; so, women need to know they have a voice.

Hayek elaborated that women have been busy from decades trying to live in the systems contrived by men and have not really realized their ability and creativity. She brought to light that the campaign has “directly benefitted the lives of 400,000 women.” She said, “We affected 3 million families and communities in two years.”

Getting fame with her role in film, Frida back in 2002, Hayek has a great influence on masses. She was very compelling and said that women made for world’s 50% population. Women folk face inequalities in relation to education, opportunities and various other limitations. Women are “66 percent of the work power of the world” but only receive 10% of the world’s income.

Before ending the gripping discourse, Hayek said, she was very hopeful that soon we would experience a massive transformation. Change is the main goal of the campaign. This goal of the campaign has been stated by other bigwigs also time and again. In a charity concert for women held in London, organized by ‘Chime for Change charity’ in 2013, Beyonce who is also cofounder along with Hayek said, “It’s time for change. Let’s chime for change.”

Salma Hayek in her recent speech said that women are revamping their role in the workings of the society. “I look for hope so that I can continue to fight, and what gives me hope is that in a world that is coming apart, women are coming together.”

Photo Source: Salma Hayek/ Facebook

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