Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe Talks More About ‘Outlander’ In Their Famous Yacht! [Watch Video]

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe Talks More About ‘Outlander’ In Their Famous Yacht! [Watch Video]
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Outlander” Season 2 is still far away but it’s been overflowing with juicy details from the stars of the show specifically Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. The Comic-con panel 2015 also gave way to the stars to give out some plot details on the upcoming season of the hit Starz fantasy series. This time around, the star dishes about some personal stuff! Read below for the full details.

According to Three If By Space, we see “Outlander” stars Balfe and Heughan aboard their famous yacht that they ride on every year for the SDCC 201. Balfe was asked during the panel how playing the role of Claire in the series has affected her career.

“I’ve been like, ‘well, I’m kind of busy right now,’ It’s been fantastic, of course. It’s opened so many doors for me. I was very lucky, I got to do a great film during the hiatus (‘Money Monster’ with George Clooney), and hopefully during the next hiatus, I’ll get to do something else as well. But you know, we shoot for a very long time, and it’s limited time in between. As an actor, you first and foremost just want to work. And then be able to get a job that you love is amazing, and that people respond to, and they like, I couldn’t be happier or more grateful.” Balfe said.

Heughan and Balfe also talked about “Outlander” Season 2’s new set. It takes place in France and this changes the game. As mentioned in our previous articles, it’s going to be a huge change considering that Season 1 of the series was spent in remote parts of Scotland and when they get to France, it’s going to be more lively.

“Outlander” Season 1 is a huge success and has created a huge fanbase. It is why there’s no wonder that the series now has its own merchandise. A TV series having his own merchandise only means that it has reached a certain level and “Outlander” now has a line of Funko Pop! figures featuring Jamie and Claire as well as other characters that are coming out this Oct. 2015. So, don’t miss that!

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