Sam Smith Dates Extra From ‘Like I Can’ Music Video; ‘Stay With Me’ Singer Ready to Fall in Love and Get Heartbroken

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Sam Smith Dates Extra From ‘Like I Can’ Music Video; ‘Stay With Me’ Singer Ready to Fall in Love and Get Heartbroken
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikipedia Commons/Estoymuybueno | Sam Smith playing at Royale in Boston

Sam Smith is in a relationship! The “Stay With Me” singer recently admitted to dating one of his extras from the “Like I Can” music video.

“It’s very early days. I’m talking very, very, very early days. But he’s really sweet… he was one of 20 extras. It’s a surreal thing to be talking about because I haven’t even confirmed with him that we’re officially seeing each other,” he told The Sun.

Interestingly, despite the prospect of a budding relationship, Smith believes that he will “never be happy” because he was such an emotional person. He admits that he’s actually ready to get his heart broken.

“People need to realise I’m never going to be happy. The reason I do what I do is because I’m an artist who is always going to be blue about something. It’s just the way I am. I’m an emotional person. I’m going to go fall in love with as many people as I can and get my heart broken,” added Smith.

The six-time Grammy nominee might be pessimistic about his love life, but his career is definitely heading the right direction. Recently, his “In the Lonely Hour” album had sold a million copies and had been certified platinum by RIAA. The 23-year-old officially joined Taylor Swift’s “1989” as the only 2014 record to achieve platinum sales status.

According to a press release from Smith’s record label, not only did “In The Lonely Hour” move one million copies both physical and through digital sales, but, “it has sold an additional one million when factoring in the newer metrics of track- and stream-equivalent albums.”

Smith is on a roll this month as he received six Grammy nominations for the aforementioned album, the hit single “Stay With Me” and is considered of the strongest contenders in the Best New Artist category.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Estoymuybueno




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