Same Sex Marriage Supported by Hispanics

By admin | 6 years ago

A new Pew Research Center survey says that more than half of all Hispanics in the United States favor same-sex marriage and Hispanic Catholics are much more supportive of President Barack Obama compared to Hispanic Evangelicals. The survey was released on Thursday afternoon.

The Pew Center asked this question regarding same-sex marriage for just the first time in the new survey. The nationwide survey said that 52% of all registered Hispanics said they were in favor of same-sex marriage, while only 34% said they opposed the measure. Only six years ago, the percentages were completely reversed with more than 56% saying they opposed same sex marriage and just 31% said they supported it.

The new survey found also that 54% of Hispanic Catholics are in support of same sex marriage and only 25% of Evangelicals who are Hispanic support the measure. Amongst Hispanics that do not have any religious affiliation, 71% favored same sex marriage.

The new survey was in line with other past surveys with regard to Hispanic voters and what candidate they support. Registered Hispanic voters overwhelmingly favor President Obama over his challenger Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate. Of those that answered the survey 69% said they supported Obama while only 21% support Romney.

Amongst religious groups, 75% of all Catholic Hispanics and 80% of Latinos that are not affiliated with any religion said they supported Obama, while 50% of all Evangelical Hispanics supported the President. Amongst Hispanic Evangelicals, only 39% said they supported Romney.

The Hispanic electorate in the U.S. consists of 23.7 million eligible voters or approximately 11% of all eligible voters in the country. That figure is 4 million higher than it was in the last national election in 2008.

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