San Francisco Wins World Series

By admin | 6 years ago

The San Francisco Giants needed 10 innings, but were able to defeat the Detroit Tigers to sweep the World Series and have now won the World Series twice in the past three seasons. The win on Sunday night gave the Giants a four game sweep of the Tigers. The final score was 4-3 and gave the Giants the title in front of Tigers’ fans at Comerica Park.

The Giants needed an impressive display of baseball in their past two series prior to the World Series, which had made the World Series seem almost anticlimactic. In both the division series and the National League Championship series, the Giants were near elimination. Against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Giants had to win their last three games to win the NL Pennant.

Bruce Bochy, the San Francisco manager said he was proud of his players, as he knows how hard it is just to reach the post season let alone play three series to win the world championship.

The San Francisco franchise, which started on the east coast in New York, before moving to the west coast in the late 1950s, has now won seven titles in MLB. The Giants were able to win their last seven games of the playoffs, a feat they were not able to do at anytime during the 162-game regular season.

San Francisco’s Pablo Sandoval was named the series’ most valuable player. In game one, Sandoval hit three home runs in the first three at bats and ended the four game series with a .500 batting average. Sandoval deserved the award, but a number of his teammates could have also been considered.

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