‘Sandman’ Movie Filming To Start In 2016, Says David Goyer

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Sandman’ Movie Filming To Start In 2016, Says David Goyer

After 25 years, since the first release of the comic book, movie adaption is currently on discussion. David Goyer indicated that the film adaptation of the comic book “Sandman” should start in 2016. It’s a possibility but there is no guarantee. Read On!

Everyone who happens to have read “Sandman,” the comic book which was written by Niel Gainman since 1989 to 1996, knows that a movie can be a very difficult discussion. Gainman, who has given life to the majestic comic plots and character of “Sandman,” lives in the world of dreams and have the capacity to control it. Now the story of Morpheus, also known as Dream will push through the big screen. Actor Joseph –Levitt is in the picture but is unclear whether he will be playing along with the cast or as a director or a producer.


Eventually, DC Comics, who owns “Sandman” decided that its Vertigo line of comic books  and refused to have its films be handled by Warner Bros, but wanted to hand it over to New Line Cinema instead .

The ongoing discussion on who should handle have continued to cause the delay.

This also confirmed that Jack Thorne is no longer part of the project as a writer and remained silent about the identity of the new writer.

“Sandman” has graced comic book fanatics that has lasted for years (from 1989, so that’s 7 years ) and fans are aware of “Sandman”s potential if it becomes a TV series. But as Gordon-Levitt believes, “Sandman” can be presented more better in films because it can give more visual appeal because of the budget.

David Goyer hopes to start filming “Sandman” in 2016, but again, there is no guarantee. So for now, fans can wait and hope.

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