‘Sandman’ Movie Update: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plans To Take Concept Out Of The Comics

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Sandman’ Movie Update: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plans To Take Concept Out Of The Comics

It was last reported that a movie adaptation of DC Vertigo Comics “Sandman” was in the works and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in talks to play the lead role in the movie. Since the time the news broke out, fans have diverted their attention towards the movie adaptation. Though a few details are known currently, Joseph recently shared the most important piece of information about the movie.


According to Christian Post, the movie adaptation that is currently under works is being written by Joseph, David Goyer and creator of the comic book series Neil Gaiman himself. Ever since the actor came aboard for the movie, he has been rigorously dedicating himself to the project and the reason for his dedication is because of the creator of “Sandman.”

The actor himself mentioned that Neil Gaiman has been very big hearted towards him and after all the creative meetings he had with him at the DC office about the project, he is the one man whom he wants to impress the most.

The actor’s dedication to the movie adaptation of the comics is undoubtedly a way to show his gratitude and keeping in mind the same, he plans remain loyal to the source material and will be bringing in a lot of concepts straightaway from the comic book itself.

Casually confessing to the fact that there won’t be any hard punches or guns during an action sequence, the actor has requested for everyone’s patience, as fans will be impressed by what they will be bringing on the silver screen.


Venture Capital Post also added the actor’s comments about how it is a bit difficult task to turn seven years of material into a two-hour movie but despite all of it, the movie will turn into a spectacular action movie that everyone will love. Apart from Joseph, Tom Hiddleston is rumored to play the role of Morpheus.

Photo source: Facebook/Vertigo Comics

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