Sandra Bullock is Dating a Man Who was Slapped With a Restraining Order!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Sandra Bullock is Dating a Man Who was Slapped With a Restraining Order!
Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock may have chosen a man with a troubled past, if a new report is to be believed. Bullock’s new love interest, Bryan Randall, is a dog hater and has a history of scaring his neighbors by smearing dog poop all over their front door.

Bryan Randall looks good on paper, but Bullock’s new man has been in trouble with the law. One of his neighbors, John Stacer once had to take out a temporary restraining order to stop him from smearing doog poop on his front door. Apparently, Randall got busy with the dog poop when Stacer refused to stop his dog from defecating in front of the building where he was residing at the time. Randall proactively videotaped Stacer and his dog as evidence should he be accused of overreacting to a minor problem.

Stacer did succeed in getting a temporary restraining order for Randall, but he failed in getting the court to make it permanent. His claims that Randall is dangerous because he has a gun fell to deaf ears in the courtroom and Randall didn’t get into trouble with him ever again. Nevertheless, the two still have some bad blood between them and the matter, though resolved, still evokes bad memories in Stacer’s mind. Apparently, Randall’s, “Pick up your dog’s sh*t, A**h*le” scared the man so much that he was forced to take out a restraining order. And the subsequent smearing of the unpicked poop on the front door led him to take the matter to the court.

Ah, the pains of celebrity life! The press picks up every little sh*tty detail of your existence and blows it out of proportion. But if you got fame, you got to take all the little heartaches that go with it. And in the end you get to date a beauty like Sandra Bullock. And we think that’s not a bad ending at all.

Radar online reported the news first.

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