Sandra Bullock expresses her painful split from Jesse James

By admin | 4 years ago

Sandra Bullock had just won the Oscar for Best Actress for her movie, The Blind Side. However, during these days she was also going through a terrible divorce with husband, Jesse James. The marriage terribly plummeted to its fall as James, who customized motorcycles, had multiple affairs with other women while stilled married to Bullock.

Sandra says that “Life Is a Series of Disastrous Moments, Painful Moments.” However, it is these lows that make her have an appreciation for highs in life.

Sandra explained that whenever people say that ‘life is good’, she responds with the statement that life is not all good and that it is a series of disastrous events which disappoint and break your heart and that in between those moments is when you ‘savor, savor and savor’.

Bullock in September responded to Vogue magazine that ‘we’re all where we’re supposed to be’ alluding to her split with James.

Source: USMagazine

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