Sandra Bullock Points Out A Friend For Her F-Bomb Habit: Guess Who Is This Pal?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Sandra Bullock Points Out A Friend For Her F-Bomb Habit: Guess Who Is This Pal?

Behind the great actress in Sandra Bullock is the candid and honest character most people love. In this personality too is her habit of cursing words, much to showcase her honesty. But she is pointing out a friend who she claims influenced her cursing habit. Who is this buddy?

According to Inquisitr, Sandra Bullock she that her cursing habits was due to Jennifer Aniston. They have been recently hanging out together along with Justin Theroux. She is having a hard time to quit the habit of dropping those vulgar words. The same article said she is doing her best to take it out of her system in order for her to be “a good role model” for her child Louis.

BelfastTelegraph reported some public moments wherein Bullock unconsciously dropped the F-bomb. Those embarrassing lapses happened in event and show. The article mentioned her appearance at the Critic’ Choice Awards last year. As she was accepting her award for her outstanding performance in Gravity, an unexpected technical error took place. What follows next is she blurted out the F-bomb.

Another incident was when Bullock was a guest on the show of Jay Leno to invite everyone to watch her film “The Heat”. She clears out that she prevents herself from cursing while the children are around. The said film starred her alongside with Melissa McCarthy two years ago. That F-cursed word was heard around 140 times.


In the press conference for the promotion of “The Heat”, she undoubtedly admitted that “I love the F-word… I love it! I don’t think it has been appreciated enough.”

Even though people might misunderstand her for this cursing habit, Bullock is definitely a funny person and the subject of her jokes and humors are often directed at herself, as what her friend George Clooney shared.

Will Sandra Bullock be able to let go of her F-bombs soon? What do you think she needs to do?

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Photo Source: Sandra Bullock/Wikimedia Commons

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