Sandra Bullock Refutes Rumors Of Second Adoption!

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Sandra Bullock Refutes Rumors Of Second Adoption!
Sandra Bullock

Rumours! Sandra Bullock has adopted a baby girl. The stunningly beautiful actress responds to the rumors, finally. During an interview Bullock stated that in case she would have adopted another baby then it would have been visible to everyone.

According to, Bullock went on to say that as of now she only has one child in her home and she has given him the name, Louis. In case there had been another child in my home, he or she would have been visible to everyone. Above all, she would be glad to tell about it to everyone. There is no need to keep guessing about it.

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It is clear from the statements made by her that she is satisfied with one child right now and Louis is certainly her adorable kid. When asked about how her son is doing, the actress said beautiful and delicious.

On the other hand, Louis is also happy with her mom Sandra Bullock and enjoys watching her as she works on the sets of “Our Brand Is Crisis,” which is being shot in New Orleans. Sandra Bullock had adopted Louis in 2010 from New Orleans.

Bullock revealed that she is happy to have Louis and is willing to work from three locations that is New Orleans, Los Angeles and Austin, as it where she feels happy to have Louis going to school. For her, the number one location is New Orleans and she is happy to be here with her son.

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According to, Sandra Bullock also stated that she has already given her five year old son some lessons in homophobia, sexism, and racism. These are some of the topics on which they have open conversation and Louis completely understands every meaning of it.

Photo Source: Facebook/Sandra Bullock

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