Sandra Bullock Wants Her Son To Be Known By His Deeds Not By His Skin Colour

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Sandra Bullock Wants Her Son To Be Known By His Deeds Not By His Skin Colour
Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is anxious about the safety of her black kid that she recently adopted. The star of “Our Brand Is Crisis” adopted Louis, five years back from New Orleans when he was just an infant and the actress is said to be adopting another child, a baby girl this time from New Orleans.

According to, Sandra Bullock was accused of having this adoption as an act to change her image after her much talked about separation from Jesse James, a TV star. The accusations were completely bogus as the actress had plans to adopt a child much before the couple decided to split.

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Bullock has spoken very little about her adopted son, but recently she stated that she is afraid that her son may face racism. She comments on the civil rights situation and she wishes her son remain safe. She expresses her desire that she wants her son to be known by what he is and not by his skin colour.

The actress said that in future she cannot be with her son all the time and he will be on his own. There are many issues plaguing this world and there are moments when the issue raises so much voice that you just cannot ignore it.

According to, the fear of Bullock is not unique or special. Many blacks mothers have expressed their fear that they are living in a place where it is not safe for their sons. Recently, when President spoke on the murder of Trayvon Martin, he shared the feeling of thousands of African-American men who are living in this country.

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Sandra Bullock’s fear is shared by numerous black women living in the country. Unfortunately, it is too difficult to change the mind-set of people until something really worthwhile happens, you have to live with it.

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