Sandra Bullock is World’s Most Beautiful Woman, Says People

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Sandra Bullock is World’s Most Beautiful Woman, Says People

Sandra Bullock, known for her extraordinary acting skills in movies like “Speed, “While You Were Sleeping”, “The Lake House”, “The Proposal” and not to miss “Gravity” has one more credential added to her kitty. The beautiful American actress is now officially World’s Most Beautiful Woman, 2015 by People Magazine.

One Academy Award winner including two nominations and one Golden Globe Award winner including five nominations speak in volumes for one of the highest paid actress of Hollywood. Sandra Bullock, who does not believe so much in appearance, has given an exclusive interview to People Magazine in regards with the recognition and how her whole life is revolving around her little boy, Louis.

Virginia born actress Bullock literally laughed out at the honor, “No, really. I just said, ‘That’s ridiculous. I’ve told no one,” she said, in the interview.

Bullock could not resist talking about son Louis, 5, who thought for a while that his mom is an astronaut. According to her, these days, the best praises come from her son, Louis. He is a real gift and a priceless possession, said the actress. Bullock dotes on her kid and says that she wants it be to be as natural as possible, both the motherhood and the age.

Bullock, 50, is currently gracing the villainous role in Minions movie. She also informed that past 40-years of age, it is taking efforts to be fit and healthy. Oscar Award winner, Bullock is one of the oldest in the history of the list to be awarded with the recognition. She truly goes by ‘beauty knows no age.’

We think that Sandra Bullock is just being modest. She is indeed a beautiful actress and person. We’re glad with the honor conferred on her.

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