Sarah Paulson and her snake sex scene on American Horror Story

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The role of Lana Winters played by Sarah Paulson almost drove her to the brink of depression and insanity while performing it for last season’s American Horror Story: Asylum.

Her skillful acting solidified her as one of the most promising talents of Hollywood. This year she’s back again the next season of the series, American Horror Story: Coven.

Sarah Paulson had a recent interview with Rolling Stone where she answered a couple of intriguing Questions.

Q:In the new Horror Story season, you play Cordelia Foxx, a witch teacher. How would you describe her?
A:“I’d describe her as a by-the-book kind of gal. I’d describe her as goodness personified” Sarah continues on to state how the character of Cordelia tries to be the exact opposite of her mother, Fiona.

Q:Coven is shooting in New Orleans. Have you done any hands-on voodoo research?
A:“I live around the corner from a voodoo place! But I’ve yet to venture in.

Having a voo-doo place right around the corner can be a lot of help for Sarah and can serve as good practice for her role as the witch teacher.

Moving on from the interviews, there was one scene in particular that has many people talking and that was when Sarah had to have sex whilst surrounded by numerous snakes slithering all over her body.

Although she made it look really easy and sexy all at that same time, if you have read about Sarah then you would know that she was one of those children who were terrified of such things, ‘sharks’, ‘bees and everything’ is how she put.

However, at the end of it she says that she wound up wanting a snake for herself, so that was indeed a marked change for her.

Source: Vulture

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