‘Sausage Party’: Creator Seth Rogen Talks About The Only R-Rated Pixar-Style Film

By Nicole Tingson | 2 years ago
‘Sausage Party’: Creator Seth Rogen Talks About The Only R-Rated Pixar-Style Film
Sausage Party Seth Rogen

We all love Pixar and Disney films usually because of the characters and the story itself. But coming this August 11 is a much different animated film in the style of Pixar. Seth Rogen, the man behind “Pineapple Express”, “Neighbors” and “This is the End” is bound to give audiences a unique and hilarious story 3D style. And by audiences, we mean 16 year-olds and above.

“Sausage Party” is basically about how food wanted to go home with people while on their aisles. Little do they know that what awaits them in a human kitchen is not their so-called “eternity”, but it goes horribly wrong when they do realize it’s not what they wanted after all.

Creator Seth Rogen appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to talk about the animated movie.

According to Hollywood, Rogen said his goal was to make the “first ever, R-rated, fully Pixar-style movie.”

“We thought one day, ‘What if our food had feelings? It’d be super messed up because we eat our food, and it would be a horrible existence for them, and that’s what birthed the movie ‘Sausage Party’.” Rogen said.

Apart from the crazy but amazing movie, it also has an amazing ensemble. There’s Kristin Wiig, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, James Franco and Edward Norton who’s playing a bagel, Salma Hayek who plays a taco, and Nick Kroll as a douche. Of course, Seth Rogen would also be playing as one of the sausages.

Host Jimmy Kimmel clarifies that it’s not a movie for kids to go and see, to which Seth Rogen laughs and jokes, “If you’re a terrible parent, then I think it might be. Or you’re just an experimental one.” But seriously parents, if you don’t want your children to end up not eating because they’re terrified of what their munchies will feel, it’s not a movie for them.

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Photo source: Facebook/Sausage Party Movie

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