Save ‘Hannibal’: Reasons to Get Back ‘Hannibal’!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Save ‘Hannibal’: Reasons to Get Back ‘Hannibal’!

NBC’s American psychological thriller, “Hannibal” sadly went under the axe, but fans from all over the world had not been happy with the decision. Fannibals actually started a petition on to save the series in no time #SaveHannibal and #Fannibal had started trending on Twitter and set fire as fans are not going to let TV become boring with Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal gone. Read on for more details.

Not only fans, even production company associated with the show Dino de Laurentiis Company said on Tumblr that they are trying to explore opportunities open to them in the past for “Hannibal” to bring it soon again in the future.

While, the production company and NBC figures out a way to bring back “Hannibal” on Netflix, which seems to be in talks, we have listed down reasons as to why we totally need “Hannibal” to be on TV and increase its Fannibalism stronger:

1. Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s cannibalism: Mads Mikkelsen steals the show as Dr. Hannibal. We cannot just accept missing of brilliant forensic psychiatry and serial killing by him.

2. The Cooking Montages: Okay! It’s cannibalism, but the montages shot of cooking are absolutely best looking.

3. Hannibal’s Sexual Tension: The portrayal of the character by Mikkelsen is absolutely out of the world. He can create sexual tension with furniture too and, of course, all of the characters of the show.

4. Hilarious Puns: A murderous serial-killing show with the dark background has some great witty puns and dialogs attached to it.

5. Fannibals: The Hannibal TV series fans are just outstanding. They saved the show after the first season from NBC by making the Twitter trending with #EatTheRude and even sending NBC letters. Now, the Fannibals have taken it to altogether different level by signing the petition.

The show deserves applause and is an absolute thing of beauty and thriller packed in the most awesome way possible.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Hannibal

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