Save the Date Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Save the Date MovieSave the Date is a romantic comedy that is a horror movie as well. Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) is a young artist who just moved in with her rocker boyfriend Kevin (Geoffrey Arend). He proposes to her onstage during a concert. Much to his dismay, she rejects him in front of his fans.

Sarah leaves the concert and then we see Kevin in a dark room. He is breathing heavily and unable to speak. It turns out that Save the Date is not really a romantic comedy when we see the young man’s anguish on screen.

The movie is full of music cues and the characters are likeable. The story is about optimism and forgiveness. After their breakup, Sarah tells her sister Beth (Alison Brie) that she’s happy just who she is and doesn’t want a relationship to restrain her.

Sarah starts dating marine biologist Jonathan (Mark Webber), a guy who was at the concert when Sarah rejected Kevin’s proposal. In between, director Michael Mohan shows Kevin’s sad concerts and his current hookups.

Sarah and Jonathan find themselves drawn to each other and we see a lovelorn guy fall to pieces as the girl who broke his heart finds true love. This might not be the movie for someone who is going through such heartache.

All the characters are likeable, which is a big accomplishment for Save the Date. People would be happy for Sarah and not just because she’s the main character in the movie. Lizzy Caplan is perfect for the role, which requires her to be clueless about certain things. She perfectly imperfect and that makes the audiences relate to her.

Save the Date will get into the viewers’ skins. It manages to capture the feeling of still loving somebody while trying to move on to someone new. The feeling is just right and that makes the movie something worth seeing.

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