Say Yes to the Dress Season 12 Recap: A Thorn in the Bride’s Side

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Say Yes to the Dress Season 12 Recap: A Thorn in the Bride’s Side
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There is also drama in the world’s premier bridal salon, Kleinfeld. The new episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” Season 12 Episode 15 “A Thorn in the Bride’s Side” was aired last Dec. 5, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on TLC. In this episode, feel the struggle of an edgy bride as her traditional mother demands for laces, and a Canadian bride who wants the sexiest gowns.

Before the store opens, the sales team is oriented, and a couple of consultants are pointed out to take care of specific clients. Katie is told to prioritize an edgy bride who wants a skull-themed wedding, while Allison, a bride all the way from Canada, demands for sexy gowns.

The first client is Callie Goodman. She is with her parents and aunt. She wants a mermaid-fit dress. She looks for a laced gown which is flowy, soft and romantic. Her budget is $4,000.

Callie’s fiancé, Frederick, is also daring and creative. That is why they both agreed on the theme “Til Death Do Us Part” represented by skull designs.

The first dress Callie tries on is a $3,400 Alita Graham laced cap-sleeved gown. Her back is exposed with a “God be with us together and apart” tattoo. When Katie asks about the tattoo, Callie confides about her brother who passed away. She believes her brother knows her true style better than anybody else.

When she shows the dress to her family, her mom does not like it. She thinks it is too “trumpety” in the bottom. Katie tells them the dress has three different lengths, but Callie decides to move on to the next.

In the dressing room, she tells Katie that her mother wanted the laces, not her. She thinks the design is too traditional for her personality. However, she does not want to let her mom down.

The second client is Genevieve Gendron-Nadeau from Quebec. She arrives with her mother, sister and friend. She insists on sexy gowns with mermaid silhouette. Her budget is $10,000. Her friend is concerned she might pick a gown that is too sexy for a wedding. The dress she really wanted turns out to be too small for her. Before Allison zips the back completely, Genevieve wants another dress.

Callie decides to try a gown without laces. Katie approaches the Director of Sales, Nicole, to seek help in finding a dress that is edgy and fun.

While Callie and Genevieve really know what they want in a dress, Annaclaire Wilbanks likes everything. With a budget of $5,000, she does not know what she particularly looks for in a dress. When the consultant presents her a gown that has bead works, laces and ruffles, she becomes indecisive suddenly. She really has no clue of what she wants.

The Fashion Director, Randy, presents Annaclaire three gowns of different styles to make it easier for her. She chooses the $3,400 Hayley Paige simple satin fit-and-flare dress. She leaves the salon happy.

Genevieve tries on $8,300 Pnina Tornai sexy dress with sheer fabric on top. Her friend dislikes it too much saying, “Why are you naked?” When she showed up again with a $4,900 Dennis Basso dress, everybody loves it except her friend. She is frustrated because she wants a show-stopper dress that everyone will like. She leaves the salon empty-handed and will return to Canada to re-think her style.

Callie is happy with the $3,500 Hayley Paige striped fit-and-flare gown. She thinks it is “rock and roll-looking.” However, she is not sure if her mother will like it since it has no laces at all. As expected, her mom is displeased. The family starts to cry when Callie says her brother would have loved it because the dress is spunky like her. With that, her mother finally says yes to the dress.

“I just need to stay true to what is me,” Callie says.

There you have it for the recap on “Say Yes to the Dress” Season 12 Episode 15 “A Thorn in the Bride’s Side,” which aired last Dec. 5, 2014, 9:00 p.m., on TLC. Catch the next episode on Dec. 12, 2014. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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