Scandal Recap: Run

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Scandal Recap: Run
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“Scandal” Season 4 Episode 10 “Run” aired on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. The show is back, and it’s not afraid to get dirty and disheveled. Look at Olivia on the first scene!

We have to say this episode was a promising one, and it delivered on several points. It managed to keep us hooked until the end of the episode. So let’s get down it.

Shonda Rhimes sure did a good job in showing the different perspectives of Olivia’s kidnapping. It sure did make the incident appear very organized and seamless, and for a while, we thought it was Rowan who engineered the whole thing. But then, he already let go of his psycho dad hold on to Liv, so that got us glued.

Olivia is not Olivia if she’s not able to assess any situation, even if she’s being held against her will. This is something that we applaud Shonda for. She made sure that Olivia will stick to who she is and what she does, especially when the situation is escalating into an intense moment.

Her whole experience in the cell where sometimes painful to watch because this where Olivia jumps character. Her roomie in the cell, Paul, with his sob story of being a journalist, was lapped up by Olivia like someone who watches daytime soap a lot. The girl abandoned the one thing that kept her alive — her gut.

The inception sequence was something that caught us off guard. Olivia was really hard on getting that jam business going, eh? And when things were going weird in her dreams, along came Abby. Red and her brand of acerbic monologue was the one and only thing that jolts Olivia back to her waking state and realization that being a gladiator means saving yourself and not waiting for anyone. So Liv went McGuyver and tried her way out twice. And when she succeeded the second time, it was revealed that everything was staged, and she was just a pawn in an attempt to control Fitz.

This episode showed what path it might take when it comes to storytelling. Unfortunately, as brilliant as the whole set-up was, we managed to deduce that Paul is the ringleader of the kidnapping group, that it was all staged and it’s a bid to get hold of Fitz’s power. If a viewer has managed to deduce that, then the show needs more plot twists to keep us guessing.


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