Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Episode 14 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Airs On March 20, 2014, Who Got Shot? [WATCH VIDEO]

By Alex | 4 years ago
Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Episode 14 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Airs On March 20, 2014, Who Got Shot? [WATCH VIDEO]

“Scandal” Season 3 Episode 14 “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Airs On March 20, 2014. It seems that it’s not the traditional camera shutter sound that we always hear on the start of every Scandal episode but a smoking gun.

Last week’s episode (“No Sun On The Horizon” Season 3 Episode 15 on March 13, 2013) had given us some major chills when we see Jake surprised and pointed a gun on James and David who are actually going to meet.

According to Hypable, the “No Sun On The Horizon” episode  focused on fewer plot arcs and instead stayed on the ticking time bomb that was Sally, which led to new revelations for some.

TV Fanatic summed up the events that are currently happening on the major characters in bullet points.

Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line gave his own review of the latest episode that it was a much stronger, more cohesive that Scandal Season 3 Episode 12 entitled “We Do Not Touch The First Lady” which was aired on March 3, 2014.

The debate seemed a little low-wattage compared to the spectacle we see transpire on TV every four years, but I enjoyed Sally’s change of intent, that “flip of a switch.” I also felt some better character work was done on Jake this week (aside from, you know, all the killing).His wine-and-fries scene/monologue with Liv didn’t ring false and the “mouse on a wheel” retort to Cyrus did the character some favors — while on the other side of the triangle, it was great to have Olivia school Fitz on what it invariably takes to get the leader of the free world elected. (Bonus points that she initiated the kiss.)… Yet again, not sure what we’re doing here in the long-term with Quinn, who basically abetted in those two shootings,” said Mitovich in the TV Line report.

In the end, TV Line gave some favourable votes for “Scandal” Season 4 Episode 13  with an Editor Rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars while it got an average of 3.7 out of 5 stars from 74 voters.

Here is the official synopsis of the latest episode from ABC posted on “On The Flix.”

Sally will set a meeting with the NRA which will send the White House into a tailspin. Olivia and Huck are going to come to shocking realizations and a surprising person will ask for help from Pope and Associates.

Mark Fish is the writer of this week’s episode while Paul McCrane directed in. Guest stars will be announced soon.

“Scandal” Season 3 Episode 14 entitled “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” will be aired on March 20, 2014 at 9pm on ABC.

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