‘Scandal’ Season 5 Spoilers: Jack Ballard Dies? Scott Foley Fired From ABC Series Because Of Feud With Kerry Washington?

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Scandal’ Season 5 Spoilers: Jack Ballard Dies? Scott Foley Fired From ABC Series Because Of Feud With Kerry Washington?
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The drama behind the scenes of ABC’s “Scandal” is continuing with the dispute of permanently removing Jack Ballard (Scott Foley) from the show. Apparently, Kerry Washington, isn’t too happy with the co-star and her on-screen boyfriend, Scott Foley, revealed in a dispute that has been going on for a quite some time now. She said to be involved in a dispute with Foley and want him off the show ASAP. Well, that’s not good news for one of the best entertainment show on the channel. Read on for more details.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the two “Scandal” stars are not that feeling comfortable while portraying their characters. Washington, who is a close friend with head writer Shonda Rhimes, seems to be using her relationship to cut Foley out of the show. It seems very clear from the sources, her stressed relation with Foley, is the only reason why his character got stabbed many a times in the season finale.

On the other hand, Foley has confirmed that he is returning to next season and according to him, Rhimes said that his character will its ultimate end.

Furthermore,  an insider told Star magazine  that every relationship has a story behind it. It seems like Washington is pissed Foley’s statement about Washington as an actor .

“Kerry is a very take-charge gal, but Scott is a veteran actor with his own opinions, and many of them rubbed Kerry the wrong way,” the insider said.

“Scott knows that Kerry is tight with Shonda, so he sees the writing on the wall. He wouldn’t be surprised if he got killed off early this fall.”

So, we still need to see whether or not Jack Ballard is dead in the upcoming season and many believes that Rhimes has already prepared the end. After all, his character already waved goodbye to Olivia and told her to find the true love of her life in the last season.

With this story is reaching towards its end and considering all the disputes with Washington that surfaced online, we will not be surprised to see if Foley’s character died at some point in the upcoming season 5 of “Scandal.”

While in other news, it has been confirmed that Cornelius Smith Jr. will be upgrading as regular cast member. According to Variety, Cornelius Smith Jr., will be expanding his role as activist named Marcus Walker in few episodes of “Scandal” Season 4.

Season 5 of “Scandal” will set to air on ABC on Sept. 24, 2015.

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