‘Scandal’ Season 5 Spoilers: ‘Presidential Divorce’ Happening Between Fitz And Mellie? Olivia Pope As First Lady?

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
‘Scandal’ Season 5 Spoilers: ‘Presidential Divorce’ Happening Between Fitz And Mellie? Olivia Pope As First Lady?

Scandal” Season 5 is definitely going to be a game changer and ‘reconstitution of the gladiators’ with the ‘Presidential Divorce’ coming up as a big story and we might see Olivia Pope play a new role in the White House. Find out how!

This season the White House Romeo and Juliet will be back in each other’s arms playing sweet music together again. It was confirmed by series creator Shonda Rhimes. With this being confirmed you must be wondering what happens to Mellie (Bellamy Young), the legal wife?

Well! Don’t be surprised to see ‘intriguing’ ideas this season, as “Scandal” might pull out divorce cards between Fitz and Mellie’s relationship.

As we all know, Rhimes has always been interested in scripting a Presidential divorce. Also. her interest seems to have grown with the events of last season and the upcoming season might just witness it.

But recently, TV Line  reported that Rhimes showed little interest in revealing the plot much. It was when she was asked about her interest to write a storyline on “Olivia Pope as First Lady.”

“We don’t comment on future storylines,” Rhimes said.

Meanwhile, rumors suggest that character of Marcus Walker would be portrayed by Cornelius Smith Jr. Rhimes stated someone well known to the viewer is set to join the team as a new gladiator, and the actor has been made a series regular for season 5.

Olitz has remained the same thought Olivia and Fitz have changed over the past four seasons, and they are all set to have a great time together in the fifth season with high possibilities of the couple becoming official.

“Scandal” premieres Sept. 24, 2015 on ABC

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