Scandal Season 6 Premiere Date and Spoilers: Olivia Pope Is Back and There Is a New U.S. President in Tense New Trailer [Watch]

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Scandal Season 6 Premiere Date and Spoilers: Olivia Pope Is Back and There Is a New U.S. President in Tense New Trailer [Watch]
The cast of Scandal on ABC

After a brief hiatus, Olivia Pope is rejoining Shonda Rhimes’ popular heroines, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), soon! ABC released the first trailer of the political drama, Scandal, ahead of its 2017 premiere.

Kerry Washington’s award-winning drama will rejoin Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder in ABC’s TGIT block. Its regular slot is temporarily occupied by Notorious. It is a new crime and legal drama that recently received a decreased episode order after posting low ratings.

Season 6 of Scandal skipped a fall premiere this year and opted for a mid-season return in order to adjust with Washington’s pregnancy. The 39-year-old recently gave birth to her second child with husband, Nnamdi Asomugha.

So, now that Washington is ready to wear her (pantsuit) battle gear, Scandal is returning with a bang. The trailer for Season 6 also promises not to disappoint as the results of the U.S. election get announced. And, as the narrator stated, “you are not gonna know what hit you.”

The 30-second sneak peek offered a lot of details about the upcoming season. For one, there will be a literal explosion.

The clip promises an exciting and, not to mention, tense first ten minutes in the premiere episode as the results of the presidential election gets revealed. But, it looks like Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) is tired of campaigning. She declares, “I am done running for president!” Liv countered, “I am not!”

Meanwhile, (soon-to-be-former) President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is getting ready for retirement. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rhimes assured that Goldwyn will remain on the show even if his character’s political career is over.

“I can’t tell you any of that — but there is a plan,” the award-winning writer stated. “Tony is not going anywhere; where would he go?!”

Both Goldwyn and Washington think that Fitz has so much to atone for. That said, he needs to get out of politics and use his influence to do some good to the world.

But, whatever Fitz will do when he is out of the Oval Office, Goldwyn hopes that Liv will be there beside him.

“You really hope it includes Olivia Pope and a little jam,” he joked. “I’ve gotten many, many, many, many jars of jam in the mail from fans.”

Scandal Season 6 will premiere on Jan. 19 on ABC.

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