Scandal Season 6 Update: New Cast, Election Results and Explosion; Season 7 Confirmed!

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Scandal Season 6 Update: New Cast, Election Results and Explosion; Season 7 Confirmed!

Scandal Season 6 will premiere in few weeks’ time. Fans of the series are excitedly waiting to know about the presidential election’s outcome. Well, the teaser does not provide any straight answers but has left fans speculating a lot.

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Scandal Season 7 Confirmed 

Fans would be happy to know that after Season 6, there is also Scandal Season 7. The confirmation reportedly has arrived from the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes. She has confirmed that ABC is not reluctant to go for a new season.

Election Results in Season 6

Scandal Season 6 will air episodes ahead of the election night. The creator has not revealed anything about the election results yet. The poster tagline suggests that there is some shift in the balance of power.

In the trailer, Mellie is heard saying that she is done with the whole thing of running for president. On the other hand, Liv is heard saying that but she is not done. Does this suggest that Mellie has lost?


Explosion in Season 6 Trailer

The trailer shows the cabin exploding and there is also a hospital scene featuring Liv and Abby. Did anyone get injured while in the cabin? The premiere episode has been given the title, Survival of the Fittest. Can it be assumed that someone would die in the cabin?

Scandal Season 6 New Cast 

TV Guide reports that in Season 6, actress Jessalyn Gilsig will play the part of Vanessa. Earlier, Joelle Carter played the said role. According to reports, Carter had to leave the show because of some scheduling problems. She is also filming for NBC’s Chicago Justice lately.

Fans would be intrigued to know that Jeff Perry’s daughter, Zoe Perry will recur in the series. She will be doing a secret role in Scandal Season 6. To know what part she has in the season’s storyline, fans will have to watch the upcoming episodes. By the way, any guesses?

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Scandal Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, Jan. 19 at 9/8c on ABC.

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