What Scared ‘Wolverine’ During His Childhood?

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
What Scared ‘Wolverine’ During His Childhood?
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Reel-life heroes probably do not have an inch of their character’s quality in real life. Same as the story of Hugh Jackman, who is seen as tough, muscular and a fearless mutant possessing animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, and a healing factor–and as we call him, “Wolverine”. Read to know about some of the painful secrets of our superhero and how he ended up being a successful star of today.

In one of his candid interviews given to Parade, the”Wolverine” star shared some of the painful childhood experiences he underwent at the age of eight.

“I was volatile. My mum left when I was 8.  The anger didn’t show up till 12 or 13, once the hope to see my together shattered, it ultimately got triggered.” he said.

With growing age, the hormones contributed more to this, remembering his school days the “Pan” actor said, “Sometimes beating up school locker other time while playing Rugby, these were the only outlets of my anger, where the rage used to come out like lava from a volcano somewhat same as that of Wolverine.”

On being asked on the reason for this anger, the actor replied that he always felt like a powerless kid since the time his mother abandoned him. (via People Magazine)

Not just anger, Jackman also had an intense fear, he says, “ I was the youngest amongst my four siblings and the first one to return home after school. I used to stand out of the house and wait for others to come. No one can think that I feared from my own house.” From time to time, other factors also contributed to this emotions and feelings.

When diagnosed with skin cancer, the actor says that he was also scared of the dark and heights. All these fears confined him and hence made him angrier.

Religion helped him during that time in many ways and other thing that helped Hugh Jackman was “acting” in which he finds peace and calmness.

Photo source: Twitter/Hugh Jackmam

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