It’s Scientific! Feel Good Songs That Alter A Person’s Mood

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
It’s Scientific! Feel Good Songs That Alter A Person’s Mood

As Bob Marley once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

If you are asked to name one song that uplifts your mood every time you listen to it and you could name many. Do you think there is any scientific proof to it?

According to a neuroscientist, Queen’s song, “Don’t Stop Me Now” is the best feel good song to date. The scientist prepared a list of songs that released happy hormones, making the person happier. The list has 10 songs in total and another list encloses the best feel good songs from all decades.

Dr. Jacob Jolij came up with a scientific formula that he applied to 126 best songs and reached the conclusion that if music had the right tempo, lyrics, and exactly the right musical key, it can bring a person in a happy mood, reported Sky News.

The songs which underwent the experiment were all from the past 50 years. After creating the list, Dr. Jolji presented it to the listeners and asked for the feedback. Out of 126 songs only 10 were shortlisted.

Following “Don’t Stop Me Now”, Abba’s “Dancing Queen” holds the second position while “Good Vibrations” and Billie Joel’s “Uptown Girl”  managed to be at third and fourth position respectively.

Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger” was given the fifth position in the list whereas the Monkeys “I’m a Believer” was ranked sixth.

The 1983 release “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was listed at number seven following “Livin’ on a prayer” and “I will survive” at number eight and nine. Last but not the least, “Walking on Sunshine” was placed at number 10.

Queen not only holds the position in the best feel good songs but was also listed in the best feel good songs from each decade. Check out the list to know more songs from each decade which were there:

Top feel good songs from each decade

2010s “Happy” (Pharrell Williams)

2000s “Dancing in the Moonlight” (Toploader)

1990s “Let Me Entertain You” (Robbie Williams)

1980s “Uptown Girl” (Billy Joel)

1970s “Don’t Stop Me Now” (Queen)

1960s “Good Vibrations” (The Beach Boys)

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Photosource: Sky News

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