‘The Scorch Trials’ Trailer: 5 Things That You Missed In The ‘Maze Runner 2’

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘The Scorch Trials’ Trailer: 5 Things That You Missed In The ‘Maze Runner 2’
There is a considerable amount of excitement and anticipation for the Maze Runner movie that ended last year. Fans of this wonderful movie around the globe have been making all the assumption as to what they might expect in the Maze Runner 2.

There was a hell lot of action in the “Maze Runner 2: The Scotch Trials” that dropped out a week ago. There was a whole lot of abandoned dessert, a little badassery, and Little Finger. The anticipation and excitement for the sequel of last year’s “The Maze Runner” is growing which is based on James Dashner best-selling book. Here are 5 things that you probably missed in the new trailer.

Flashbacks for Thomas..

According to Movie Pilot, the first book details about flashbacks of Thomas (Dylan O’Brien, 23) of life before the Maze. It is because of these flashbacks that he keeps wondering whether kids are in the Maze. He is surrounded by Grievers among them included as to what’s happening, who he was and about basic survival.

Did Ava Paige knowm to Thomas before the Maze?

In the trailer we see young Thomas on the train as he taken by a group of wicked “workers.” Accompanying him is a balance headed woman who gives him assurance that everything will be okay. Is this woman Ava Paige?

Yes, indeed she is. Ava Paige is the chancellor of the wicked. She left a message for the Gladers at the first movie’s end, and later shoots herself violently in the head.

Whatever happened to Gally..

According to MTV, a lot of wrongdoings from the wicked have been shown in the trailer. Kids are trapped in wires and hung from ceiling. But, you might have missed a new version of Gally or Newt.

Who are these guys and how does she know Thomas?

The first word that came out from the mouth of this woman is “Thomas.” Thomas and also his fellow Gladers are all confused and are staring at this woman.

The first cranky look of the Cranks is something similar to that of Zombies.

We get the first glimpse of the infamous Cranks. In case you are not aware, then you will be glad to know that Crank is a flare infected person. Cranks have displayed various levels of insanity, as has been mentioned in “The Scorch Trials” book.

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