‘Scorpion’ Recap: ‘Area 51’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Scorpion’ Recap: ‘Area 51’
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“Scorpion” Season 2 Episode 8 “Area 51” aired last Monday, November 9, 2015 at 9:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, the team, pushed along by Walter O’ Brien’s (Elyes Gabel) desire to earn more money in order to fund a research project that might be a solution to preserving Megan O’Brien’s (Camille Guaty) accepted a mission with the CIA, which led them deep into Area 51.  Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Dr. Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) beginning to research into behaviourism and predicting the future, which he demonstrated throughout the events of the episode.

Meanwhile, Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel) instructed Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham), who was now constantly at Megan O’ Brien’s (Camille Guaty) side due to her worsening condition as she had been having pneumonia, to push for an aggressive treatment, although Sylvester wanted Walter to think more about what Megan herself wants.


Back at the garage, Walter informed the team that they needed to get better paying clients as he needed a lot of money to fund the project he was working on for Megan, as the Karmen Prize, which he was entering his rocket into, wouldn’t happen for a couple of months, and by that time, Megan could have passed away already.

He planned to get and modify a data storage unit with a high capacity for data storage, where he would download Megan’s brain and subconsciousness while searching for a better vessel or body for her.

Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick) then told Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) that she will have to be the one to help process this, while he would handle Walter.

Walter then decided to take on the offer of CIA Agent Mark Willis (Billy Wirth), who wanted them to look for a missing state of the art CIA contracted plane, in exchange for a huge payday, which the entire team agreed would be used to fund Walter’s research for Megan.

However, Toby had a bad feeling about everything, and later on showed Paige that he had predicted everything that happened to them correctly, except for one thing.


Paige also discovered that both Toby and Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) were not so emotional about the prospect of Megan dying, and Happy told Paige that the one they should be worried about is Sylvester.

The team then managed to locate the plane near Area 51,which got Paige a little bit excited, due to the stories about aliens and Area 51, which none of them believed in.  However, after discovering that the plane, which had state of the art equipment and built in cameras, contained chloroform, zipties and a blood bank for a rare blood type, they realized that the pilots of the plane were planning on kidnapping someone. Walter then decided to take on the mission of discovering who the target was and where he was going to be taken, for an even bigger paycheck.

Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) then managed to pop the tire of a truck going into the base by using a device that she had made.

Inside the base, the three entered the sewers, and managed to call Sylvester thanks to a payphone in the area, who hacked into the medical records of the base, and discovered that an Uzbek scientist who specialized in computer engineering and data storage was the target.

However, the three got caught in the tunnels, and didn’t buy their story, which led to the three of them getting thrown into a cell, which they later broke out of, by using Toby’s old school phone to short circuit the lock.

Meanwhile, on the plane,  Walter refused to let Cabe talk to him about Megan’s imminent death, and refused to believe that it would be better for him to make more memories with her, while figuring out where the plane was headed, which turned out to be Uzbekistan.

Just as they were leaving, Walter realized that the plane was used to spy on American cities, and that the kidnappers would want to create an entire fleet of these planes to sell to hostile governments.

They then discovered that they were in big trouble as the rogue CIA agents and the kidnapped scientist were brought aboard the plane, forcing Cabe and Walter to try to figure out a way in order to knock out the pilots and to reroute the plane, which Walter managed to do by forcing the plane into a steep nose dive which caused Cabe and Walter to fall into unconsciousness due to the G-Force around them.

Thankfully, they were woken up by Sylvester, who had hacked into a drone, after Happy and the others made contact by breaking the “cone of silence” around the area, just before they got caught by the soldiers on the base.

Thankfully, the soldiers listened to Happy who instructed Walter how not to crash into Area 51.

They then landed into another situation after Willis tried to gun them down for knowing too much, but thanks to Sylvester’s drone, they were able to escape with just the storage device.

Later, Paige tried to get Walter to process his emotions better, which he refused, and got annoyed at Sylvester for honouring Megan’s wishes to not be intubated as that was the aggressive treatment.

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