Scorpion Recap: Once Bitten, Twice Die

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Scorpion Recap: Once Bitten, Twice Die
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“Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 18  “Once Bitten, Twice Die” aired Monday, March 9, 2015 at 9:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, the Scorpion team helped three European countries sign a peace treaty, which avoided another world war after Lithuanian President almost died due to snake venom poisoning. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Human calculator Sylvestor Dodd (Ari Stidham), under the supervision of Homeland Special Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), and Homeland Director Merrick (David Fabrizio), made a plane disappear from the radar of LAX Air Traffic Control. This was necessary as the plane carried the leaders of Lithuania, Belarus and Latvia, so that they could sign a peace treaty to avoid another world war, as tensions had just risen between the three countries.

Cabe rewatched his favorite movie, which had been shot on the grounds of the compound that they were using, and mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) avoided talking to behaviorist Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) regarding their “almost kiss”. Meanwhile, Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) was a little bit annoyed at Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel), who hadn’t read her report on the customs and traditions of the three countries that they were meeting up with, as he was busy perfecting his 3D software that would allow it to seem as if the three countries’ presidents were still in their respective countries, and not in the United States. She then told him that she had done it as she was taking night classes in a community college for European History.

Inside, Walter and Paige earned the ire of Assistant Secretary Rene Munoz (Fernanda Andrade), while shooting the footage that they needed to fake that the presidents were still in their own countries. Afterwards, the three men stood in silence until Paige stepped forward and suggested that, as per tradition, they drink some honeymeade. This broke the ice, which annoyed Rene. However, after they drank, everything broke loose after Lithuanian President Dimitri Kreshenko (Timothy V. Murphy) became unconscious as he had been poisoned, which led Merrick to lockdown the entire facility.

While Dr. Chong (Keong Sim) took care of Kreshenko, Paige and Toby went downstairs to see if they could calm down things and figure out who the guilty party was, Sylvester and Walter set up a cybernoose netweok to intercept all of the outgoing texts and emails.

Paige managed to calm things down by playing a lullaby sung by an opera singer with roots in all three countries. Afterwards, Toby grappled Dr. Chong, who was about to inject adrenaline into Kreshenko. He then told them that Paige had overheard the Balarus President, Boris Sakovich (Christopher Carroll) mention the word “dust storm”, which referred to the first Belarusian and Lithuanian war that happened because the Belarusian diplomats didn’t attend the funeral of the Lithuanian president’s child who had been bitten by a venomous snake because of a dust storm. Merrick then decided to arrest Sakovich.

As Walter, Happy and Paige needed to find the right snake to make the anti-venom. They used Walter’s software to pretend that a photographer was outside the compound, allowing the three to escape while Toby and Sylvester figured out what snake they were looking for. Merrick, who realized that Cabe had tricked them, got upset and threatened to tell Walter what his software was really used in Baghdad years ago. Afterwards, thanks to the cybernoose, they determined that Mikko Aleska (Matt Lasky) was behind the poisoning as he was in cahoots with a big military manufacturer. Howver, he caught them, and escaped. Cabe managed to arrest him, and they told the others, who had managed to hijack a Burrito truck on the way to the Los Angeles Reptile Sanctuary, that they were looking for an adder snake.

Inside the sanctuary, because the venomous snake display’s fake rain was triggered, Walter, who was trying to steal the snake, fell in, and in order to determine which was the right snake, allowed himself to get bitten by the adder. Afterwards, they stole a ferret so that they could inject it well enough so that the ferret would create antibodies that would act as the antidote. However, Paige slipped on some taco grease and the ferret got away. Happy was able to capture the ferret, but not before Walter revealed to Paige that he regretted not taking her out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.

When Walter woke up, he learned that the team used his software to fake news reports that war was starting in Europe, which made them all, including a very much alive Kreshenko, signed the peace treaty. Cabe told Walter that he didn’t like what he did, and Walter wondered why Paige kept her night classes a secret from him. As Paige was running late for her final exam, Walter used Cabe’s car and motorcade to get her past the traffic and the road block to get there on time. There, Walter told her that he was proud of her, and told her that she would do great, as she had managed to “outshine” a seasoned diplomat earlier.

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