Scorpion Recap: Charades

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Scorpion Recap: Charades
Scorpion TV Series Logo. July 12, 2014.

“Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 14 “Charades” aired last Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, in order to help the CIA recover some dangerous chemicals that were in the hands of a trained spy, Paige Dineen (Katherine McPhee) gave Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel) some lessons in flirting, without realizing that it affected her as well, as she had a disturbing dream. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Paige Dineen (Katherine McPhee) warned the man in her bathroom that they can’t let what had just happened between them confuse her son, Ralph Dineen (Riley B. Smith), especially since she knew that his presence in Ralph’s life was important. However, she was shocked when she saw that Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel) and not Ralph’s father, Drew (Brendan Hines), came out of the bathroom. Walter then told her that he was there because she had been thinking of him. At that moment, Paige woke up, disturbed.

Because of this, she walked into the Scorpion office, frazzled and grumpy, while the others were playing charades. After mentioning that she had had a disturbing dream, Walter mentioned that the only reason why she would remember it vividly was because she enjoyed it. However, they were interrupted by their government handler, Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), who put down a black box from the CIA on the table. He then told them that they were to help the CIA decrypt a message, which would help them track down who was leaking sensitive intelligence to Yemen from the Los Angeles branch and to figure out what information the leak contained.

As soon as human calculator Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) decrypted the message, they discovered that it sounded like a love letter. Walter and the others believed that there was a code hidden in it, but Paige believed that it was really a love letter, especially since whoever had signed it, signed it with “BOO” and not with the person’s name. However, they could not trace from whom it came from.

They then headed to the Los Angeles branch of the CIA so that they could remotely profile who could have been the leak. There, they were given a little tour by the Director there. However, the entire team abandoned him and Cabe once they had located the technological division. There, the scientist there demonstrated the CIA’s penpick, Gecko gloves and a new bullet-proof shirt. Walter then informed them that they weren’t looking for top field operatives, but coders and analysts, as the level of encryption done on the message was superb. Following the hunch that whoever had sent the message was truly in love with whoever he was communicating with, their psychologist, Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) pinpointed an analyst named Leonard (Mackenzie Astin), as he had recently lost a lot of weight, which meant that he was trying to impress someone. He also had a lot of energy, had taken several sick days and personal leaves to have time to go on three day romantic getaways and had his nails done.

At the Scorpion office, they learned that he had been using his access card to steal several pounds of two very toxic and dangerous chemicals and was supposed to be stealing another chemical for his girlfriend, Sima (Nazneen Contractor), because she was trying to make pesticides to help the poor farmers in Yemen. However, based on the team’s knowledge of chemistry, they knew that those could be adjusted to create nerve gas, which was deadly and could be “aerosolized,” which meant that Sima could easily make it airborne. However, despite all of this, Leonard refused to believe that he had been played by Sima because he loved her. Walter found this ridiculous as he did not believe in love at all. Because of this, he refused to cooperate, as they needed him to meet with Sima so that they could get to her and the two canisters full of dangerous chemicals. Because of this, Walter and Cabe tricked him into recording his voice on a voice converter so that when Walter called her, he would sound like Leonard. While they waited, Paige took this opportunity to ask for some advice from Toby regarding her dream. However, he told her that he could not really help her out as she was withholding some information regarding the dream from her, especially as they were talking about letting her feelings cloud her judgment.

Walter then placed the call, but because he was not flirtatious enough, Paige took hold of the phone and commandeered the entire conversation very well. They then managed to tell Sima that the third chemical was heavily guarded, and the guard in charge, Marvin, was not cooperative. Therefore, Sima instructed “Leonard” to meet with Marvin at a hotel bar and cancel at the last minute. She would handle getting the access card of Marvin by herself. Toby then volunteered to be Marvin, but Cabe shot him down as they needed him to profile the bar for hostiles. Walter would distract her, while mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong), and Toby searched her room for the chemicals.

While everyone got ready, Paige coached Walter on how to flirt, and simulated different possibilities, which led her to get physically close with him, to the point that she put her arms around him, much to the amazement of Sylvester, who could not believe what was happening in front of him.

At the bar, Paige coached Walter and distracted Sima long enough for Sylvester to sneak in as a patron and get the access card, which led Happy and Toby to her room. They also discovered that Sima’s real name was Fatima and had honeytrapped many agents before. She was also wanted for murder in several countries. As Sima could not find the access card in Walter’s coat, she tried to bring him up to her room, as she believed that the card was in his pants.

Meanwhile, Happy used the Gecko gloves that Toby had been given a prototype of to try to get into Sima’s room. However, just as she was near it, the gloves stopped sticking. Sylvester then advised her to swing on the balcony, which she did. She then found a key to a storage facility in Sima’s purse, just as Walter and Sima opened the door of the room. So that Happy would not be busted, he distracted Sima by kissing her outside the bedroom. During this time, Toby remarked that Walter might be a terrible kisser as she wasn’t really responding to him. They then left to go to the storage unit to retrieve the chemicals. Because of this, Walter had to buy more time for them and had to distract Sima from going into the bedroom because Happy had not been able to fix it well. He led her to the couch, where she knocked him out cold and removed his earpiece from his ear. However, before that, when Walter had said that he liked hearing someone’s voice in his ear, Paige got carried away and thanked him.

When Walter came too, he was handcuffed to a chair in an airplane with Sima. Cabe then came in with the canisters and told her that their deal to bring Leonard to her was off as he was being sent to jail. However, she backed out from her original deal, as it turned out that she had indeed loved Leonard. She then shot Cabe, dumped his body off the plane and started to take off.

However, Cabe was still alive as he was wearing the bulletproof shirt that the scientist at the CIA had given Toby. Walter then managed to uncuff himself thanks to the penpick, and to blow a hole in the middle of the plane so he could get off. Sylvester, who was on the running ramp that was being driven by Happy, caught the chemicals. After a fight with Sima, in which Walter managed in incapacitating her, he jumped off as well.

Back at the office, they realized that love indeed was truly blind, as Sima had been willing to forego everything for Leonard. Walter then greeted Ralph and read him a “Robo-Spies” comic book. Toby then told Paige that with regards to her question, since her most important thing was Ralph, the question that she should be asking herself would be if whoever she had feelings for or if whatever she did would hurt Ralph, as she had to take care of her most important thing. Before Walter left, he asked Paige to record a new voicemail, as he realized that she had a nice voice.

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