Scorpion Recap: A Cyclone

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Scorpion Recap: A Cyclone
Scorpion TV Series Logo. July 12, 2014.

“Scorpion” Season 1 Episode 3 “A Cyclone” aired on Monday, Oct. 6, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team raced against the clock in order to figure out who was behind several bombings in Los Angeles. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) and Walter O’ Brien (Elyes Gabel) battling each other in a Rubiks Cube contest, in which, once again, Walter won. Agent Cabe Galle (Robert Patrick) then came in to bring them to a military training camp, where they would undergo a military simulation in a bid to convince Homeland Security Director, Director Merrick, that their team was worth something.

In the military exercise, Walter and Sylvester had to download a file at an enemy camp under a specific time limit so that their commanders — Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong), Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Cabe — would not be captured. Happy contributed by designing a breach device that would let them get into the enemy camp. However, as Sylvester had frozen due to his anxiety issues, Walter successfully downloaded the file. Then again, they had failed the mission as Happy, Toby and Cabe had been captured. As one of the marines was holding Happy, she felt violated and punched him. Director Merrick, who was disappointed in them, then told Cabe that their team would be on hold for the meantime, as Sylvester had frozen, Happy could not follow instructions, and Walter believed that he was always right. This told him that they could not contribute if ever they were needed for a high military operation.

At the office, Walter handed Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) the mission report and told her to “fix” them. She then tried to talk to Happy, only to be brushed off. Toby, trying to comfort her, told her that she did not really know them that well. According to him, Happy had hostility and anger dissonance issues; Sylvester had a lot of phobias, OCD and anxiety problems; Walter had megalomania and anti-obedience issues; and Toby was narcissistic and had several addictions, such as gambling.

Cabe then left the office as he had to investigate a bombing that had just occurred at a law firm at 1 Wilton and told them not to leave the office as they were still suspended from their duties. However, Walter, despite Paige’s warnings, decided to take the team there as he had just realized that the bombing was more than just a random bombing.

At ground zero, Cabe learned that the law firm had been targeted as there was a threatening note tack to the door of the law firm. He was then surprised to see Federal Surveillance Group Agent Thomas Keeler, whose group handled online threats, as they rarely came out in the open. However, this one was an exception, as the bomb had destroyed the basement, which damaged some internet equipment.

Walter then told Cabe that the bombing was an act of terrorism as the basement had been the target and not the law firm, as the basement of that building housed the hard cables that provided internet for the entire southwest region of Los Angeles. Having no internet would mean that traffic would come to a halt, banking services would not function, and even their water supply, which relied on online services for their day to day procedures would be affected. Cabe then allowed Walter to help out as he realized that Walter was trying to make up for the failed military exercise, on the condition that Paige would keep them in check. Walter then had an internet router shipped to the United States so that they could restore internet the following day.

Using the footage of the building and a program Walter had designed for facial recognition based on the Gaussian Algorithim and Photoshop, they were able to comb the footage for their potential suspect. Using Flow Dynamics, Toby was able to pinpoint a particular man as their main suspect. Then Keeler decided to run the footage against his own technology and his own facial recognition software. Walter tried to argue that waiting for Keeler would just waste time, but Cabe reminded Walter to “follow the chain of command” and left.

However, instead of staying put, Walter and his team were able to track down where the bomber lived — thanks to bartender who had helped them out, as he thought he was talking to a cop because Toby had lifted Cabe’s badge from him. As they staked out the bomber’s apartment, Happy came up with a parabolic listening device out of a speaker, some headphones and umbrellas so that they could determine if the bomber was still inside.

While Happy made the listening device, Paige received a call from a very bored Ralph, who refused to go outside and play with the other kids. Walter then gave him a riddle to think over in the meantime: “What kind of punch does a group of jellyfish like?” He then told Paige that she should not hope for Ralph to fit in at school because he would never fit in there. While Paige continued to talk to Ralph, Toby questioned Paige’s purpose in the group. Walter told him that he believed in Paige, just as he had believed in each one of them when he had first hired them.

However, the bomber, who had exited his apartment, spotted them and ran. They chased him, which resulted in him ending up in a coma, as he got hit by a bus. Keeler was not happy about this as they just lost their only suspect and lead. Walter insisted that they investigate the bomber’s apartment but was stopped by Cabe, who sent them back to the office.

There, Paige comforted Walter, who felt like the future bombings related to the bomber would be their fault. She then revealed that she had overheard them talking about her and told him that just like he believed in her, she believed in him. However, their problem was that they never listen to anyone as they are usually right. Listening, according to her, would allow their team to survive.

Cabe then came in and asked for their help. He handed Walter the bomber’s laptop, as Keeler’s men could not get into it, as they needed to know the real identity of the bomber fast. He also gave Happy several pieces of an IED bomb to analyze. Happy then discovered that among the fragments were sequencers — all keyed in to a specific time to make sure that all the bombs would go off at the same time. She then deduced that the bomb at 1 Wilton had malfunctioned and blew up earlier than the others. At that precise moment, three bombs went off — one at a mall, another at a radio tower and another at an armored car.

The group then realized that it was not an act of terror anymore. Thanks to Paige, who allowed herself to be heard, they discovered that the target had not been the armored car, which had no regular schedule, but the building itself. They then discovered that that building housed Great Tech, a company which specialized in slow storage servers, where data could be stored, thus making it a targeted attack.

Upon hacking into the bomber’s computer, Walter discovered that the bomber had tried to hack into a slow storage facility in order to erase a file that was sent by Frank Turner, who had died in an accident two weeks ago. They then deduced that 1 Wilton was attacked as the first step to erase the date off of the internet, as internet cables there would distribute the information. Great Tech was then bombed in order to get rid of the data that had been stored. Next, the bomber would target the router hub in order to erase the shadow file that still existed on it. The group then headed to Sunny Tarzana, where Frank’s router hub was. There, they found that the file that Frank had sent in his email contained evidence that FSG, under Thomas Keeler, had been spying on the State Department and on the White House. They then put this data on a thumbdrive that Sylvester and Cabe would bring to the Department of Justice. However, before they took a single step out, Happy realized that a bomb had been placed in the vents on the floor of the router hub. As it was recently placed, Cabe realized that Keeler must have found out that they were there, as he had told Merrick their current location. They also deduced that Keeler had worked with the Scorpion team in order to keep an eye on them.

They then decided to split up into three groups — Happy and Walter would try to diffuse the bomb, Sylvester and Cabe would head to the Department of Justice, and Paige and Toby would clear the building.

While Paige and Toby cleared the building, Toby accidentally got hit on the nose by a door in the ensuing panic.

Cabe and Sylvester were hit by Keeler’s car, who proceeded to fight Cabe for the thumbdrive, which eventually was destroyed. Sylvester managed to get the gun that had fallen underneath the car in order to save Cabe and to threaten Keeler to surrender himself.

Meanwhile, Happy, who could not diffuse the bomb in time, decided to contain the blast by submerging the bomb in a compound of cleaner solution and salt. As they submerged it, Walter instructed Happy to leave while he stirred the mixture to ensure that it would harden. The bomb blew the basement up with Walter still inside, but thankfully, he was unhurt, as he emerged from the smoke.

Back at the office, Toby told Paige that he was happy that Paige had joined their team. Sylvester then informed them that they still had a copy of the evidence inside his head, as he had seen the entire document and had memorized it. Cabe then informed Walter that he placed so much effort on Walter and his team as he had “flamed out” after the Baghdad incident and that solving cases with Walter was a way for him to get some “blood off his ledger.”

On the way to Homeland Security, the team picked up Ralph from school. Ralph then told Walter that the answer to his riddle was “smack,” as a smack is a group of jellyfish. Walter then revealed that a family of scorpions was called a cyclone and that cyclones are very protective of each other, just like their team.  Walter then told Paige that eventually, everyone does fit in, just as she fits in to their team. As they rode off to get some food, Toby played “Hurricane” by The Scorpions, telling Ralph that that was their theme song.

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